Translated from German:

As an intermediary between the "normal" and the capital investment we are looking over the way of the WWW people who want to present themselves.

We are in charge of the interests of both parties met.

Important: It never even the slightest risk is for the individuals in this important addition you will receive later in induced flow in writing.

Following facts:

An association of investors looking for real people. They will get money for disposal, which is already invested in various investments and is now divided into $ 295 shares.

Each unit can be assigned to one person.

There are considerably more capital from investors as it gives participants. That is why we pay to participants, new participants advertise an attractive commission about six levels as follows:

For the first four participants were recruited directly from you will receive 5% of $ 295 ie $ 14.75 per
From the 5th recruited participants get 10% of $ 295 each so $ 29.50 + levels in 5 more $ 14.75 each, so you can even benefit from indirect recruitment.

Per participant are $ 413US ($ 295US incl Direktauszahlung) for disposal.
Additionally unlimited commissions of the advertisers below you.

You are allowed any real adult person with their own email address to register the world.
Each person receives a sponsored account.