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IM Report Card is the only Internet marketing community that's updated daily with new and unbiased reviews of popular Internet marketing products, services and people.

Get the real scoop before you buy, grade products you're familiar with, report scams, add comments and share your experiences, and get paid just for participating.
What is IM Report Card?

Every day 1,000s of people begin their online marketing journey, and most quickly find themselves overwhelmed by all the hype, "secrets" and claims of guaranteed success.

Until now people have had nowhere to quickly and easily learn the real deal about the products, services and people they come across that all want their money.

Getting started is hard enough without wasting your time and money on ...

* products that don't live up to the seller's claims

* services that don't do what they're supposed to do

* getting scammed by people who are just out to make a quick buck

Our mission is simple - to catalogue, review and discuss every single popular Internet marketing related product, service, person or "guru", and biz-opp.

Unlike other bogus "review" sites run by money-hungry affiliates who'll say anything to make a buck, we provide unbiased reviews and let our community decide the merits of a product or service by grading it and sharing their own experiences.

You can also ask questions about a product you're interested in, rate products, add your own comments and share your own experiences - and help others in the process.

IMRC is a community of like-minded people looking to make money online, who are sick of all the scams out there, and help each other out along the way.

And if we all just make a little effort we can make it a lot harder for the promoters of crappy products to do business online, and shine the spotlight on those that deserve it.

Here's how to get the most out of IMRC ...

1. Create a free account to join our community of Internet marketers

2. Before buying ANY Internet marketing related product or service, read our reviews and see what the IMRC community has to say about it first.

3. Grade, comment on, and share your own experiences with the products and services you do buy, and the people you do business with online.

4. Tell other people about IMRC - the more people that use this site, the more useful the community becomes for everyone.

It really is that simple, and everyone wins. (Everyone but the scammers that is)

Better still, you'll even earn some money just for participating!

Create a free account and join us. It'll make your Internet marketing journey easier and more rewarding, and you'll be helping lots of other people at the same time.

Good luck out there ...

The IM Report Card Team

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