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What is the free exploding list? EXTREME Version Two

This is YOUR chance to get 1000's of FREE subscribers to your own FREE personal email list, right now! ListWONDERExtreme makes it very simple to get them AND email them. WITH NO MAIL TO YOUR ISP BOX!

This very unique FREE system will boost the response for all of your program & websites by using AN INHOUSE EMAIL BOX and NOT your personal ISP email box.

Your email list will be built for you.

Everyday we get new subscribers and if you view at least 5 member advertisements in one day, you get all the day's subscribers added to your email list and you can advertise your program/website to your entire list! (Subscribers are added at midnight eastern time daily).

It is very typical for our websites to gain hundreds, even over a thousand members, in one day alone. So you will see your email list suddenly explode! It's all FREE! So join now and get all of today's subscribers before they are GONE.

If you do not want to view 5 member ads, then just show others your personal ListWONDERExtreme page. When you get 1 signup - you get the days subscribers added to your email list. Get another signup the next day, that means you get the next days new subscribers added also. There is a 2nd benefit of showing others your personal page (it looks just like this). If any of your signups chooses to buy our affiliate builder - YOU get $7 on top of everything else, each time!

It does not cost a dime to do this. You can email once a week direct from our server (no hassles!), earn as much as you like with us, and grow your email list so you can advertise your program/website to others. It's that easy, no hidden tricks and you can do it right now.

Frequently Asked Questions.....
Your Listwonderextreme email box works in your browser and works in sending messages to members only. It can not be used for mailing someone at yahoo or aol or ect.

You can send messages to other members and receive general messages about referring a new member and receiving, viewing member email ads.

It is not to be used for sending blantant ads to other members. Those can be easily deleted on a mass scale, and your account, and your personal list.

This is where you can see 25 messages at a time and gain your "verified read" credits to use for textad advertising on the site (all members) and in member ads. We do not send to ISP mail boxes.

It is easy. In each email ad that is sent by a member, you can point links. All you do is to click on to "verify" that you have viewed the message. Each new message that you do this on earns you another credit.

If you have not bought the Upgrade package, you need to do this at least on 5 messages in a day to gain the day's new subscribers into your personal email list, if you do not refer another person that day.

Credits can and will be AUTOMATICALLY used as soon as you click and earn them (so make sure that you add in your textad ASAP).

On some emails (picked at random) You can also get this from clicking the point link (points and credits are the same thing)
You found AN EXTRA BONUS (25 points) ON THIS EMAIL!

I am new, so I can not read any messages yet as I am not on any list yet until tonight when it updates...
We took care of that. We start you out as "5 read" when you signed up, this will help you get started by getting todays subscribers :)

General members can email their personal email list once a week from our server, having the Upgrade package allows it daily.

# How is this different from a safelist advertising method?
Safelists mail to ALL members, all members mail to all members. Everyone does *not* have the same subscribers on their personal list. People join later, some dont click, etc... all lists are different.
# Where is my list of email addresses...
We do not give out email addresses. You can send to your personal email list from our server though into inhouse email boxes.

(Upgraded members) Your textad last forever and never expires when it is shown in emails sent by members. All members can change their textad at anytime also. On every message sent, one random textad is pulled and is inserted into the message. (ALL members) Your textad also shows on referral pages and in the members area as long as you have credits.

Make sure you have at least 1 text ad listed or else the default for the site will show and it will still use your credits.

Any messages read over the required 5 for the day, do count! The extra go into your points queue to show text ads.

# Where do I put in my information to be paid....
Scroll down the page in the members area. You will see a short form for your name, email address and where to pay you.

# Where do I "upgrade"?
When you login, you see an optional "Upgrade Package" page.

# I bought the package through google or globalxchange or REV, when will it be applied?
When we log into the net, we always check those orders and will update accounts when online. If not that day, we took a day or two off and will immediately update it when back online.

# My picture isnt showing up...
Rename your picture or try another. SPACES in the name of your picture hinders uploading. It could contain odd characters, or have the wrong format, or too big (or heavy of a size).

# Who made this? Can I get a copy of the script...
I made it, programmed it, designed it, etc... I do not sell my scripts and if you see elsewhere then it's a clone of my idea made by someone else.

# I joined and no subscribers today...
You had to have joined after 12am eastern time. The server auto resets all members at 12am on the dot, eastern time, and whoever joins after that, even 1 second after that - it shown to the server to update next time.
This also goes for any clicking or referring also.

# I clicked on a link to verify I read an email, it broke the frame, do I still get that point?
YES it logged it no matter what. We have no timer so it doesn't matter if it broke frames. Meaning, you do not have to look at the site for any certain time. People know if they are interested or not, plus, can always go back to the email and see the site again as it does not cut off the site once the link was logged as clicked.

# I do not belong to a site that I can advertise on Listwonderextreme
Hits4pay is good one to join and advertise, that is something that is free, gives you $10 just for joing and can be built into a free residual income.

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