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Welcome to Take The Internet Back
A program that is destined to change the face of the internet!
Please take the time to read this page, our program info page, our faq page, and our contract page to get a full understanding of our unique and totally free program.

Everything that is printed throughout this website is absolutely true, and we can accomplish it all if we work together. As a team, we will all benefit - both now and more so in the future.

Mixed_money Here is our first bonus for TIB Members ONLY!

We have reduced our $100.00 Untargeted Package to $80.00

Now here's the profitable part.
All of our Members/Affiliates will earn a $30.00 commission on the first level $10.00 on the second level and $10.00 on the third level for each sale made. In these trying times, we will do our best to help our members earn from TIB. Click below to start earning money!

* Would you like to own a piece of the next big internet company?? Ownership!! For free??
* Would you also like to earn some nice profits along the way - while you watch your company grow and expand? Again ... For free!!
* How about if we give you $10.00 in your account to get you started?
* How about if we give you awesome free downloads, training and marketing materials, and great customer service?
* How about if we explain it all to you, and show you how it makes total sense?
* How about if we show you that it is all totally legal?
* How about if we show you who we are and who we are backed by?
* And how about if we put this all in writing for you? A Contract!!!
* Did we miss anything? Oh Yeah... And how about if this is all totally free to you?!?

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