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1. You're gonna' pay me to read e-mails?

You bet!- and it's so easy! Every day you'll receive e-mail advertisements from us. Open the e-mail, and inside you'll find a link to the advertiser. Clicking on the link will confirm you have read the e-mail, and you will receive your credit immediately while being taken to the advertiser's web site. Typically, you can expect 1 to 20 cents for every e-mail that you read. It's that simple!

2. Wait a minute- what does SnapDollars charge for this?

Zip. Zero. You heard us- not a single thing. We're so excited to offer you this free Account that we'll instantly credit you with 5 free dollars just for joining. Yes, we'll PAY YOU to join- what are you waiting for?

3. Ok- what about these Offers - am I obligated to sign up?

Absolutely NOT! You are NEVER required to sign up for the Offers on our web site. Choose ONLY the ones you are interested in. Keep in mind though, in many cases signing up for an Offer will also include earning cash.

4. Alright, I've signed up for SnapDollars- where's my Confirmation e-mail??

We know you can't wait to start earning cash rewards. SnapDollars sends a confirmation e-mail as soon as we receive your sign up form. However, it is usually a good idea to wait a few minutes before checking your Inbox. This is especially true for Users who use one of the many "free" e-mail services. If you still have not received your confirmation e-mail, take a look and see if the e-mail has been sent to your junk e-mail folder instead. This may occur if you are using some spam filtering software programs. Adding [email protected] to your Address book, Contacts, Allow List or Friends list will usually avoid this problem.

If you request another confirmation e-mail and you still cannot receive it, try using a different e-mail address. If none of the above works, contact your ISP or your e-mail provider.

5. Hey, what happened to my $5 bonus for signing up?

Forget to fill in your profile? Go to the SnapDollars web site and log in. Check the top menu My Account, and select My Account. You must complete a profile to earn your $5 sign up bonus.

6. I want cash! Will I get a lot of e-mails?

New SnapDollars Users can expect as many as 5 e-mails a day from our advertisers for the first few weeks. You should then receive at least one e-mail a day thereafter. Remember to make sure that if you are using any spam filtering software that it is set to allow SnapDollars e-mail to go to your Inbox. If you are certain that you are maintaining an active account and are not receiving our e-mails, we recommend you update your account to reflect a new e-mail address.

If a problem still persists, contact your ISP or your e-mail provider.

7. My friend signed up for SnapDollars- where's my $5 referral?

Don't worry, it's here! Unfortunately, in order to prevent Users from fraudulently abusing the referral system, we must withhold the $5 referral bonus until that User makes their first request for payment. At that time, your account will be credited.

8. How much money do I have and how can I get some of it?

Go to the SnapDollars web site and log in. On the My Account menu, select "My Income" to check how much cash you have earned. If you have the minimum total necessary to receive a payment, you may also click on the "Pay Me" link to redeem your earnings. Click on the "Payment History" link at any time to review payments that have already been sent to you.

9. Will I have to wait long for my check?

All requests for checks are processed NET 25. SnapRewards must first be paid by our advertisers. What this means is that if you request your check in January, it will be sent on or around Febuary 25.

At least $15 of your total must be made by offers, not just reading email.

10. I completed one of the offers on the web site- what happened to my credit?

Credits for most of the Offers on our web site usually take about a couple of hours to be reflected in your account. A small number of Offers might take a few days and there might be a few that even take as long as a month until they are credited to your account. When SnapDollars credits your account, we will automatically send you an e-mail notification informing you of the completion of the Offer. If 30 days have past and you have still not received credit for completion of an Offer, go to the SnapDollars web site and log in. On the left hand side of the page click the "Support Center" link. Fill out the form and our support staff will promptly be there to help you.

11. Why do some offers pay $0?

Some offers are not allowed to be paid with cash, but we thought you might be interested in them - so we included them! Some of the offers pay you themself with cash or rewards.

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