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Welcome Everyone,

In our life today, technology is taking the world by storm. Every single day, we see cool and innovative gadgets. Many, if not all, are extremely expensive. If only there was a way of getting them now, without having to save up and wait. Now, there IS a way. At Craving Rewards, you can get whatever you want, for absolutely no cost whatsover! Earn free prizes online via Craving Rewards by completing simple surveys, from which you get 'points' and then you can redeem your 'points' for prizes. **** 360's, PS3's, ******** Wii's, anything you can imagine, you can get for free!
There Are 3 Ways To Earn Your Free Prizes:
Complete Surveys

The most straightforward way of collecting points is to complete surveys. We have hundreds of surveys that you can choose from, many of which are completely free. You are under no obligation, no contract or under any pressure to spend a cent to earn as much money as you can desire! By reading our F.A.Q. you can find out the categories of surveys we have to offer.
Getting Referrals

For every member that joins Craving Rewards, we're extremely appreciative. So, as a reward, to you; every time you refer a new member to our site and they complete an offer, we gift you with 20% of their earnings, without them losing a single point! For example, if you referred a friend and they get 50 points from completing surveys, you would receive 10 points for doing absolutely nothing! To gain referrals, simply login to your Craving Rewards account and on the left hand panel, there's a section labelled 'Referrals'. Click on this and you'll see your referral link. Give this link out to as many people as you can, get them to sign up and watch as the points flow in!
Coupon Codes, Contests and Testimonial Bonuses

Sometimes, we will release a coupon code on the front page of our site, and the first user to enter the code in the 'Coupon' section of their account will receive a points bonus, which will be added to their account. Often on our forum, we will host a contest for our members. The contest could be a referral contest, points contest, or anything fun and exciting that we can think of! Also on our forum, if you post a testimonial (A picture of your prize and a brief description) then we will credit your account with a point!
Prizes That We Offer:
We have a whole range of prizes that you can choose from. The list of prizes would be far too long to list on one page; here is a list on a few of the prizes that we have to offer:

PayPal Payments Featuring:

No Minimum Cashout
Automatic Processing
Automatic Withdrawal Option
Get Paid Within 24 Hours
No Hidden PayPal Fees

Prepaid Visa Gift Cards Featuring:

$25, $50 and $100 Prepaid Visa Cards
Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Custom Checks Featuring:

$5 Minimum Cashout
Automatic Withdrawal Option
Mailed the same, or following business day

**** And **** 360 Accessories Featuring:

**** Live Gold Membership Cards
**** Live Microsoft Points
**** 360 Controllers and Headsets
**** 360 Memory Units

******** Wii Accessories Featuring:

Wii Points Card
******** Wiimotes
Wii Nunchuck Controllers
Wii Classic Controllers
HD Component Cable Sets

Gift Cards For Games and iTunes Featuring:

* Nexon Gift Cards
* World of Warcraft Giftcards
* Ultimate Game Cards
* iTunes Gift Cards
* Habbo Gift Cards

Store Gift Cards Featuring:

* Walmart Gift Cards
* Amazon Gift Cards
* eBay Gift Cards
* Target Gift Cards

Restaurant and FastFood Gift Cards Featuring:

* Burger King Gift Card
* *****bee's Gift Card
* Arbys Gift Card
* KFC Gift Card
* Subway Gift Card
* Wendys Gift Card
* Starbucks Gift Card

Rapidshare Premium Accounts Including:

* 1 Month Rapidshare Premium Account
* 3 Months Rapidshare Premium Account
* 6 Months Rapidshare Premium Account
* 12 Months Rapidshare Premium Account

Miscellaneous Prizes Featuring:

* SD Cards
* Laser Pointers
* Head******
* Rubiks Cubes
* Invisible Ink Pens
* The Complete Practical Joke Set

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