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Would You Commit Just $100
for an Endless Stream of Income?

If you know where to look, you can buy just about anything for pennies on the dollar. Then, if you know the right people, you can sell those items for nearly their full retail value. Big money is made in any economy, by people with the right connections. The good news is ... you now know people with the right connections.

You have an opportunity to create a consistent monthly income without getting involved in sales, management, meetings, paperwork, or worry! The team at AAN has all the right connections and does all the buying, selling, and heavy lifting. As a member, your job is to help fund the projects. The great news is that the program is set up so anyone can afford to participate and acquire a membership.

The video you see below is an interview between David Cheyne, prominant internet marketer, and Chris Bell, our President. Dave and Chris worked together many years ago when Affordable Affiliates hosted physical stores to sell their products. Now, years later, they have come together again to show you the value behind the Affordable Affiliates Network. Watch this short video for a real show of what we can do for you!

Here is How the AAN Program Works

Investment Chart


Theoretical Example:

We buy an Item for $10.00 and sell it for $100.00 .
Your initial $10.00 + 10% of the $90 profit is returned to your account for re-investment ($19).
10% or the profit is added to your monthly payout ($9).
5% of the profit is sent to your designated charity ($4.50).
5% of the profit goes to the person who referred you to AAN ($4.50).

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