Dear Members,

This is monthly newsletter of CoolReturn for June 2009.

CoolReturn completed its first month in online investment business. During first month business results were satisfactory. So far 444 people joined CoolReturn with 36,062$ deposits including reinvestment.

We do not have any kind of promotions right now as already 10%-15% deposit bonus offer is in action. However we have some fixation to this offer. Where there is offer there are cheaters. Some members misused this bonus offer and deposit 10$ again and again to get 10$ bonus with each deposit instead of depositing money at once. So from now onward if you are depositing less than 100$ and wants 10$ deposit bonus then you can get 10$ deposit bonus (for less than 100$ deposits) for maximum 3 times. If you deposit 10$ 4th time then you will not get any bonus on 4th less than 100$ deposit.

And for deposits above 100$, standard existing 10%-15% bonus offer is in action. But we can also terminate 10%-15% bonus offer on 31st July 2009 if results goes well as in first month. Always these kinds of bonus offers are to attract people at start of business and once business is established and performance is proved then no need to keep these offers. So at the end of July 2009 we may stop all kinds of bonus offers.

On request private deals available (10K+), these are the words that you might read at home page since day one of CoolReturn. Nothing new about this but some explanation about this offer. It means if you want to invest more than 10K with different plan than offered then you can write us what kind of investment plan you wants. We will check your offer and if possible we will accept your desired plan. This includes manual compounding of deposits, weekly plans or monthly plans.

And now some words about Bank <> Bank Investment Solutions that you may see from many days on our website. You can invest in CoolReturn without e-currency account. This is e-currency free investment solution. It means you can deposit funds by wire and withdraw funds to your bank account. For example If you send 10,000$ through bank wire then you will get same 10,000$ credit in your CoolReturn account. In same way we can send your profit directly to your bank account without extra cost. Contact us with expected amount of investment and desired plan.

You are also requested to please give us your support in discussion forums and monitors by posting comments and votes. Discussing CoolReturn in forums and monitors help in bringing genuine junk-free investment traffic to CoolReturn. This encourages others to invest in CoolReturn. We are doing our part at best by assisting you in making profit on your deposits and you help us in promotion of CoolReturn by posting votes and comments. Some new forum links and monitors are added and you can see all at Each click on these links will open new window and make it easier for you to post comments and votes at your favorite site.

We are also working to add more e-currency options like PerfectMoney, Alertypay, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, etc. You will hear news about this in 1-2 weeks. We will send another newsletter as soon as we add new payment option.

So basically nothing new as offers, a small fixation in less than 100$ deposit bonus offer and some explanation about Private Deals and Bank To Bank investment solutions.

We thank you all members who joined CoolReturn and trusted us for your investment needs.

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