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Total SafeLists 2,913
SafeLists Membership 3,499,041

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I join 100's to 1000's of safelists and it was the most tedious thing to
go through each validation link to the point that I didn't even finish them. AutoValidation.com literally saved me hours of time, money and got more of
my ads out since ALL lists got their validated link clicked!
-Maryanne Myers


Editor's Note: The FREE Auto Validation you get with your iPostAd Membership is the very same tool that Maryanne is talking about above... from our own AutoValidation.com website.

You've Found the Premier SafeList Submitter
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ONE-CLICK Auto-Validation System - A "MUST HAVE!"
FREE Email Potty System - Pop3 Email Cleaner
FREE Form Builder - 2 AUTO Send FFA Submitters
AUTO SEND Search Engine Submitter - iBuild-A-Scrollbar
HTML Editor - HTML Encryptor

iPostAd submits to 2,913 Safelists
Safelist Owners keep joining so our numbers keep growing
iPostAd is 100% SAFE eMail advertising
We verify each safelist as 100% opt-in for your protection
iPostAd gives you 25 DIFFERENT AD combinations on EACH send
Recipients will never get bored by reading your same ad over and over again
iPostAd Auto-Validates all your Safelist Validation emails
This tool is perfect for saving time and money. Say goodbye to manually validating hundreds of safelists. It is TRULY a ONE-CLICK auto-Validation system!
Your ADS are Sent with Lightning-Fast Speed
iPostAd is hosted on TWO of our multiple dedicated servers in the Viral Biz Media Network, this means stability and increased speed for YOU

If you're tired of wasting hours each day by manually joining and blasting your ads to safelists, we invite you to take a load off and put the POWER and SIMPLICITY of the iPostAd Submitter to work FOR YOU. It is, after all, the "Black Tie of SafeList Submitters!" Some may try to imitate us, but NONE will surpass our features and benefits to you!!

Imagine being able to blast with a click of a button your advertisement to millions of people that want your emails. Many more home-based business owners, networkers, ezine owners, and opportunity seekers join these closed community lists found within iPostad each and ever day. This type of increased exposure will help generate further traffic, multiply your network opportunity signups and increase your customer base.

If you've researched SafeList Submitters on the Internet, you'll notice that they all have one thing in common... they ALWAYS compare themselves to iPostAd!

There's a hidden reason behind it, and we're sure you're smart enough to figure it out... we're the first and still the BEST!
Features iPostAd Others
Web-Based Safelist Submission YES! Some
SafeList Owner Approved YES! Some
Auto-Join Safelists YES! Some
Join 2,913 SafeLists with 1-Click YES! NO
Post Ads to 3,499,041 Members with 1-Click YES! NO
Auto-Post Your Ad Every Day NO! - NO!!! Some
1-Click Auto-Validation YES! Some
25 Ad Combinations YES! Varies
Vacation Status Update YES! Some
Join/Post Results on 1 Page YES! Some
Recognize Safelists You Belong to (even PRO!) YES! Some
No Waiting When You Auto-Join Safelists YES! Some
No Waiting When You Post Your Ads YES! Some
Highest Paying Affiliate Program-Over $85,000 Paid! YES! NO
Update List eMail for All Safelists with 1-Click YES! Some
Update Contact eMail for All Safelists with 1-Click YES! Some
Free Mailbox Cleaner YES! Some
Free-2 FFA Submitters Posts to Over 360,000 YES! NO
Free Search Engine Blaster YES! Some
Free iBuild-A-Form (Form Builder) YES! NO
Free Scrollbar Creator YES! NO
Free HTML Code Builder YES! NO
Free HTML Code Encryptor YES! NO

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