Social networking is the wave of the future, and this is an opportunity to share in the company's present and future equity... an interesting concept that won't cost you anything, and has potential to make you quite a bit!

Funding Options:'s free to join!
  • Get 100 FREE PEPs when you join
  • Zero risk with nothing to lose
  • Earn thousands of PEPs by referring
  • FREE marketing resources and training
  • Earn cash commission;& dividends
  • Lump sum cash payment with the PEP buy back deal
"When you join Sqip you get an instant 100 FREE PEPs credited to your account that can be worth 2000 Euros and potentially much more in cash equity to you."
Earning Potential: unlimited
SQIP is a social networking and community site that is growing fast. Large social networking sites are highly valued...making them worth millions.
What's different about SQIP is that they are sharing their present and future equity value with members who join. Plus you can refer others to join for free to increase your own stake in the company's future equity.
The Sqip Bids auction site is nearing completion. Sqip Bids generate PEP dividends..

The Sqip Mall is also nearing completion. Every sale is generating PEP dividends.
  • A new back office area and global ewallet system are in development which will offer you several ways to load & withdraw your money.
  • Included in your ewallet:
  • Local banks in over 80 countries
  • Instant cash at over 50,000 locations around the world.
  • Sqip debit card
  • Send money to other members
  • ****** & SMS options"