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Put Your Sales Message In Front Of
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Your Free Ad Will Be Displayed Across Our Network of Websites. Our Site Receives ENORMOUS Amounts Of Traffic That Will Bring You VISITS!

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How UnselfishAds Works

UNSELFISHADS is an International advertising program. A free advertising system based on text advertising.
Visitors as well as members come to UNSELFISHADS and click on member ads, so your sites will be seen!
Each Click to your ad brings traffic to your website.

We are different because we care about our advertisers.
You only need to submit your advertisements once.
You can pause, resume or delete them any time you want.
You can buy clicks and distribute them to your advertisements.
You access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.

Advertisers may buy as many visits as they want.
You decide how many clicks go to each advertisement with our Ad Pack Management Control Panel

Your advertisements will be shielded by a strong anti-cheat protection. Clicks from hackers will never be counted.
It was never so easy and secure to advertise and manage your advertisements.

Members click on ads in order to earn credits. Members are able to assign earned credits
to existing Ads to ensure they remain active and included in the rotation .

You can earn credits by viewing ads in the members area.

You can earn more credits by clicking on credit links in solo ads.

A new credit earning feature by clicking on banner ads will be introduced very shortly.

By promoting your own UNSELFISHADS referral link, you will earn
additional credits from the effort of your downline members!

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