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About Us

MyPage5 is a versatile new website where social networking meets entertainment. Combining 5 popular applications, members can choose their level of immersion and interact with the world from the convenience of a unique member profile.

MyPage5 believes in rewarding it's members so has implemented a revenue sharing system. All members receive a perccentage of MyPage5's advertising revenue. You get paid to socialise!

These are the 5 parts that combine to make MyPage5 the site that it is:

Social Networking: Create your own unique profile complete with unlimited space to upload your photos and the ability to invite friends and join groups. Decide your level of exposure, with your profile able to be viewed by all or by your friends only.

Video: Search for and watch videos submitted by members or take advantage of unlimited space to upload and share videos of your own. Bookmark videos as favourites or send the link to a friendís profile or email address. Videos that you have submitted are easily accessible from your profile.

Music: Are you a music artist or in a band? Create a profile on our music page and tell the world about your music. Upload your songs, show your photos and list your gig schedule to gain free exposure and earn some new fans worldwide. Members can browse music by genre and list themselves as fans of their favourite bands.

Blog: Tell the world whatís on your mind. Keep your friends up to date on your travel experiences. The choice is yours.

Classifieds: Are you a buyer or a seller? Be both on MyPage5ís classified page. List your items or services for free and do it without the risk of exposing your contact details.

We take privacy seriously on MyPage5 so everything you submit comes with a choice to make it accessible to all members or just to your friends.

MyPage5 is based in London, UK.

For more information, visit

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