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To play this game just guess Head or Tail and if you guess right, you will get 250% from your bet. Choose between Head or Tail, Fill in amount of e-gold you want to bet and click "Bet Now ". Once you have verified your information at the e-gold confirmation page click continue and you wil see the result immediately.
There are no limits on how often you can play every day or hour. You can play as much as you want.

Cheat proof: We use an automatic payment script which will randomly choose between head or tail. We do not cheat in our system, thus you can be sure that the result is TOTALLY RANDOM.

Refer people to this game, and you'll receive 13% on every bet

Refer people to this game, and you'll receive 13 % of their bet. No matter they lose or win the game.

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Not only you get ref commission on every bet, but we use browser cookie to keep your ref on player computer for a period of 15 days. Says you get ref commission today from one player. If player choose to come back and play without any ref link but direct request our address http://www.bet-e-gold.com/ then your ref on their computer will restore and you get paid again. This also expands cookie lifetime for next 15 days.

But wait !!! Not only you get ref commission for this site. Your ref link will attach on all game links on this site. check "Other Game Links" and you will see your ref on every links.

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