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By create your membership you get an unique page. There you can give your advertisement.
By link label you fetch visitors to your page. With bigger number of visitors you have bigger chance to win.

Example of link label to page:

http://ptpgame.com/en/index.php?menu=promote&id=Your ID.

1 original visitor = 1 point. (only one point by IP per day)
Periods have different long, one period stay active until all players earn together 250000 points , 3 users, who get the biggest number of points will win the period.
Griff: If you want bigger rewards, click on advertisement on page.

Prices for period:

1. reward: 20$
2. reward: 10$
3. reward: 5$

This offer all PTP Games, but we offer more.
By 1000 points you get 0.015$, without win! (only to 100000 points = 1.5$)

For more information, visit

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.