I am always on the lookout investigating passive income opportunities and investments that offer diversification with a controlled risk level. Several people I know have substantial knowledge of the FOREX world and the technology used for automated trading. This industry has exploded over the last few years but most of the ‘Holy Grail’ systems simply do not perform well over time. You will understand our excitement and rush to introduce to our members the FAPTURBO FOREX system after evaluating it over the last few weeks. With the economy in the state that it is in we thought that holding back this information until launch would be hurtful to many that need it. Due to a private launch receiving overwhelming results the creators of this trading robot will be raising the price very soon.

Simply put this automated trading adviser is like none we have ever tested. It controls risk and acts as a ‘pip machine’ every week regardless of the market activity. The best news is that it can trade accounts as small as $400 or as large as several million. The company has a complete support area that uses videos to get most customers up and running within minutes! Here are some of facts:

- 100% Monthly Real Money Testing Returns

- 9 Years Back-test

- 9,645 Total Trades

- 95.9% Winners

- 5,000% NET Profit

- 0.35% Drawdown! (you'll like that!)

- $370 to $3100 in one month

- $2,500 to $6,700 in 32 days

- $10,000 into $32,900 in 90 days

Ok. So this Works. The problem is that 60,000 FOREX traders have already signed up before last week’s public launch and there are a limited number of copies. I am extremely impressed with the trading robot, supporting materials and the FAPTURBO concept.

The FAPTURBO introduction will hopefully bring you and your family financial success and the hope of a great new year! You can review the live account statement and order the trading robot for the special launch price today by visiting: FAPTURBO First Real Money Forex Trading Robot | Automated Forex Trading on AutoPilot