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International Alliance Privacy Services VPN solution you've been looking for! We can provide you with custom ip addresses for your games, media viewing from restricted countries, for privacy and protection reasons, or whatever need you have for VPN services.

International Alliance Privacy Services has the following locations available immediately for your VPN needs:

Most Popular VPN Locations:

United States

United Kingdom




The Netherlands (Holland)

Hong Kong

Czech Republic

Our VPN accounts come with unlimited bandwidth availability. Unlike 99.95% of all other vpn providers, we do not limit bandwidth or the amount of time you can use our vpn services. Combined with remote setup support and assistance, we stand out from the rest of the providers out there. We actually assist you in your setup with a live remote technician if you need help. I don't know any other company that offers this assistance in this way.

We also offer an advanced privacy service for those of you looking for the ultimate in privacy and security. This is what we call an [url="http://www.intl-alliance.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2"]SSH Account. This type of account is for the seriously privacy concerned individual who wishes to break free of internet restrictions imposed upon them by either their local internet service provider, or their government. This type of account will open the internet back up to you with all your options to surf a free and open internet without restrictions. This type of account is available for users from any country, no matter how restrictive your government or isp may be.