I joined this one a couple of months ago but did not share it with anyone initially, since so many of the reverse pension plans still have not paid out, and this seems like a modified version. However, I have been impressed as they provide weekly updates, and have increased the referral commission in an attempt, to get this one closed down by the middle of December. (See Below)

You will need a Solid Trust Pay or Alert Pay account for this one.

Enter retiresecure referred you in the Referred By blank on the application. This will ensure that I receive the proper credit for your referral.

For every unit you purchase you will receive $12,500.00!! For more information visit the website at www.thirtydollarunit.com

If you are unable to click on the link, please try typing it in the address bar of your internet browser. If you continue to have problems, please email [email protected]

You don't have to refer anyone, but for every referral you will receive another (schedule below) per unit that your referrals purchase. (Website does not have the updated referral information)


Please Don't Wait Long! Units Are Going Fast!!

This from Admin:

Dear Members,

We have a new and final offer to get these units sold by Christmas. Here is the offer:

Referrals ------------ Payout per Unit

0-1 ------------------ $12,500

2-3 ------------------ $17,500

4-5 ------------------ $22,500

6 + ------------------ $27,500

We are hoping to have all of the units sold by December 12 so that we can have everyone paid for December 19. Wouldn't Christmas be wonderful? Let's get these units sold.