:- Online File Sharing or Refer to Earn Cash

You can invite all your friends to join Kewlshare and earn cash! You will get $0.10 for every referred user who confirms his account and upload a file.

For example, if you refer 200 friends and classmates and 100 of the confirm their account you will make $10.00

Another Kewl Stuff is Earn some bucks "$" everytime someone downloads your files from kewlshare... dude!

Hhmm, dont you love it haah?

For Eg :- when your 10 file got 10000 download, you will get 20$.

Payments are calculated daily. Profit (income after expenses) is divided equally between all file downloads.

Redeemed cash will be transfered via PayPal once it reaches $10.00

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KewlShare : Upload, Share & Earn Money with Your Files