If you haven't already secured your copy of Shopified App, you're uncomfortably close to missing out.

I don't usually like to bug people, but I know how much you'd love to Successfully Run a Shopify drop shipping business.

And with the Shopified App you'll get:

  1. A User*Friendly "Chrome Extension" That's Quick and Simple to Use, which is going to help you because You can easily pull products from Ailexpress or Alibaba and quickly stick them on your store with a click of a button.

  2. "ePack Identifier" which you'll love because When you are scrolling through Aliexpres or Alibaba, you will see the ePack Identifier as you scroll over each product. This will save you loads of time as you are looking for products to fill on your store.

  3. "Research Boards" with one*click you can add products to Pinterest*like boards which are great because when doing research you may not want to use every product that you find. This can be saved for later and edited inside of the Shopified App before one*clicking to your store.

  4. The "Image Adder" which is good for you because If you wanted to do this yourself you would need to understand code or you would need to cut the images out from Aliexpress. Not anymore now you can add them with a click and walla they magically appear in your store or your research boards.

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