Why is it so fast?

Well it uses Amazon S3 to host your webinars instead of Google Hangouts.

Amazon means that you can hold an unlimited amount of webinar attendees and your webinar wont be effected or slowed down.

It's called Run A Webinar.

It's been over a year in development and finally it is going to give you the ability to:

- Run LIVE Webinars Through your firefox browser

- Create custom Landing pages & Replay pages

- Add Multiple Webinar Hosts

- Answer Questions & Engage with your audience

- Run webinars with Unlimited Registrants

- Webcam Streaming

- Showcase whats on your screen

- High quality audio system

- And much much more...

This is an 'All In One' webinar software thats going to do everything that you could possibly imagine when it comes to webinars.

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