#1 Online retailer in World, Ali Baba opened up their Ali Express mega store worlwide year back and now it’s selling in 216 countries online.

You can’t imagine speed with which they’re picking up Amazon and beating the hell out of every affiliate program on planet.

They’re giving whopping 50% commissions to affiliates.

No network dare to take such noble step for their affiliates but Alibaba did as being $236 Billion group, they can afford so.

Seeing opportunity in market, Jai, Austin and Firas, smart marketer started on Aliexpress as affiliates to test their fate when people were roaming around less competition niches on amazon and softwares to help them.

Jai and Austin made Aliexpress affiliate store manually in 3 months
but once they succeeded, They teamed up with developer Firas .

They invested another 1 months in developing software which can do work of 6 month in just 5 minutes.

In 5 minutes and one which can get results REALLY FAST.

This Plugin makes store for AliExpress (Ali baba) which gives you up to 50% commissions unlike Maximum of 16% in Amazon and 12% of eBay.

This is Set, Forget and Earn Recursively for lifetime. Strategy which requires only 30 minutes per month of work.

This is perfect course for people planning for passive and recursive income sources on minimal work every month.

Why you need this ?

  1. Up to 50% Commissions
  2. Fast Results
  3. Easy To Set Up in just 5 Minutes
  4. Less Competition as compared to Amazon and eBay
  5. Untapped Affiliate Market
  6. Global Reach of AliExpress (Alibaba)
  7. Ali Baba for whom store this plugin is made are
  8. Bigger than Amazon and eBay combined.

What’s Inside For You:

  • Xpress Stores Plugin
  • AliExpress Premium Affiliate Starter Guide
  • Affiliate Cash Engine – Envato Affiliate Store Builder
  • Official – AliExpress Affiliate Media Kit 2015
  • Video Ad Placer Software Plugin

Features of Plugin:

  • 3 Types of Product Import Options – Auto, Manual & Bulk Category Based
  • Product Synchronization on User Specific Time Interval.
  • E-Commerce shop in any currency
  • Auto Building Products directly through AliExpress
  • Product Short Codes – Add product directly to blog or page
  • Filter by commissions rate for setup only best in your site
  • And much more…..

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