I am super stoked about this amazing software that’s about to be unveiled tomorrow. This is going to change cover designing as you know it!

If you’ve been marketing online or sold anything for quite some time, then surely you know the importance of having a professional looking cover to represent your product.

The thing about getting covers designed is that it’s not without problems.

– Paying designer fees can quickly add up the more products you need covers for.

– Even if you’re skilled enough to do it yourself, spending hours on cover design may not exactly be a smart thing to do (when you should be doing more important tasks like growing your business)

– There are some cool Action Scripts to help you with cover design but you need Photoshop (not everyone has it + it’s expensive again!)

– Most importantly, times change… and Cover designs evolve with time.

The design style from 2010 isn’t going to work today, for example.

Which is why I was excited when I saw the brand new Cover Genie Pro in action.

You Can See Cover Genie Pro Demo Right Here:

This is a web based app that ‘shrinks’ the process of cover designing…

And with it, you can build virtually UNLIMITED number of covers and even photorealistic mockups that are modern, slick and professional!

  • What takes the average designer hours you can now do it in just minutes!
  • No Photoshop required.
  • No design skills needed.
  • Just drag and drop and build your guru-level covers!

I can go on and on but it is best that you see it for yourself.

Read full Cover Genie Pro review and get special bonus package now!

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