Offer 1:
Join and signup TrafficSwirl under my URL and 1000 credits will be transfer to you as a welcome bonus. TS also offering to new member with a free 7days Pro membership. So you got nothing to lose.

After your 7 days Pro expired and if you upgrade as a paid Pro member, I will transfer 1500 credits to you every month as long as you are a paid member. Moreover, the upgrade package also include the free 7 days at only $6 for now so in total you got 5 weeks as a Pro member instead of 4 weeks.

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Offer 2:
If you are already a TS member, well no worry you can signup any of the below stated programs under me. Same as option 1, a welcome bonus of TS 1000 credits will be transfer to you. If you decide to upgrade to a paid member in any programs stated below, 1500 credits will be transfer to you.

1) Hit4surfers

2) Exclusive Promo Codes (EPC)

3) CashInOnBanners (CINB)

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If anyone keen to signup, kindly do inform me that you signup under an offer from me.

Thks and happy surfing :)