How important to you is being GREEN? On the scale of 1-10 for me it is a 10!

I believe that Earth Day should be Everyday, not just April 22nd.

In life, you are either part of the "problem" or part of the "solution", right?

EcoQuest International has GREEN Solutions for everyday people and the pets & plants that live with them!

This company has the NASA Technology and exclusive partnership with NASA to offer the finest
  • residential and commercial Indoor Air Sterilization system anywhere,
  • Laundry Water Sterilization & Cleaning that requires NO soap or hot water ( residential only),
  • Whole house and location only Water Treatment systems
  • In addition, Green cleaning, hygiene, clothing, and Cellular Nutrition product.
First things first: THE PROBLEM: you cannot have a Green Home, Office or Business....unless you decontaminate it first!!!!

This is how you accomplish that: with ActivePure Technology

The Space Station created a special closed environment for NASA Scientists to fix so humans, plants and animals could co-exist. Because of the Space Technology, we all benefit from these inventions in our daily lives.

EcoQuest International has partnered with NASA and has exclusive marketing rights to these same technologies & the good news is that it is here & now, very affordable, complete financing available, and after studying Network Marketing Companies for over 15 years---this is the best. This is why NASA picked EcoQuest.

I have the FRESH AIR in my house directly behind me now and after 2 days I cannot live without it. The air in my entire house smells like the snow in the Rocky Mountains. There are no odors and I have full lung capacity without any congestion. This technology removes mold deep into the walls, ceiling, attic, carpets within 4-7 days. The "Sick Building Syndrome" now has a solution under $800 ******** and $1500 HVAC. No walls have to be de-constructed and rebuilt costing $100K or more!

I cannot begin to praise this technology to give it proper credit. The technology is the finest and works---that simple. If you can live in Space with it, you can also in your home. Now the next best thing is you can be part of this technology BOOM! No one else has it and will. It is ground floor and as soon as people see it for themselves, they buy. It is not sales---it is demonstration and education.

If you love GREEN and sincerely want to dedicate your life to this movement and make a fantastic income very soon, with the very best marketing program and compensation with executive perks ( $800 monthly car bonus, vacations paid with spending money from the company) and bonuses & residual income, you have to contact me. Better yet, join me.

This company is in all States in the USA and 70 countries *********---so you can be from many of the same places ROLCLUB members live.

Commercial training is offered to make you able to really make big money installing hospitals, schools, cruise ships....what ever you wish.

It only costs $25 to register as a dealer.

I saved the best for the last. $25.00

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BTW....this is also a lot of fun. Do like to have fun? I do. My personal motto is, "if it is not fun, I am not interested."

Breathe your air right now and then call me!

Dr Margaux Gold, D.O.M.