The international program
Having registered on a site you have an opportunity to earn money every day, being registered(recorded) in various tasks.

It is the international program. Registration is free-of-charge for all participants.

Huge number of paid free-of-charge offers on registration. Frequent additions new.

There is no minimal sum to payment. Payments are made on system WebMoney, E-Gold, and also post and cable by translations(transfers).

3 уровневая a referral-system. Involving new participants you receive percent(interests) from all of them earnings!

The unique software of the project, allows to trace each registration in maximal deadlines with the minimal number of mistakes(errors).

The qualified and sympathetic support service of users. You receive the answer to each question.

1 $ for each unique visitor

In our program there is good реферальная a program: we pay 10 %, 5 % and 1 % from the sum of earnings of referrals of 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd level accordingly.

Besides we have a remarkable System of Bonuses for referrals! We pay $ .1.00 (!) for each active referral of the first level! Active that referral who will earn at least 5 dollars in our program will be considered!

The bonus in $1.00 will be added to you as soon as earnings of your referral " It is accessible to payment " + will be paid" to be equaled (or more) to five dollars.

To earn in our program of 5 dollars it is possible very easily and quickly so to earn $1.00 in the form of a bonus also very easily.

Thus, involving new participants, you can earn rather large sums of money. You will receive $1.00 (!) for each active referral + 10 % from the sum of its(his) income!

To advertizers

Wish to start an own advertising campaign? Want, that your business brought more profits? Want, that about your site has learned(has found out) huge quantity(amount) of people? Wish to receive popularity and a recognition of thousand people?

You can receive all this, having put(applied) rather small efforts and having spent a minimum quantity of money! You will pay only for actual result, only for actual performance of all your conditions!

To start an own advertising campaign, the small amount of money suffices. We work as with large advertizers, with many thousands turns(turnovers), and with small advertizers, with publicity expenses of all in some tens dollars.

We offer and we give some kinds it(he)-лайн advertising.

The minimal sum for start of own advertising campaign of 50 dollars!!!

We develop own unique "cursor" for the advertizers, allowing to spend really effective advertising campaigns, to receive the full report on its(her) course, to pay only for actual result and to spend thus a minimum quantity of money and time.

Be registered, begin an own advertising campaign and direct your business on a way of success and prosperity
1 $ for each unique visitor