QLX3: Quatum Leap Community Network!

Check this one out. From what I am hearing this IS the real deal...but of course more due diligence is probably needed.


There are three costs involved here:
a. $49 to join Quantum Leap
b. $50 to join XXX where the credit union opportunity is
(they do not want their name mentioned anywhere on the net)
3. $15/mo to stay active in Quantum Leap until the credit union thing becomes reality sometime before the end of the first quarter in 2007.

This is our chance to get access to exclusive International Credit Union investments which provide 1% per business day (22%/month) with your deposit insured and underwritten through a reputable insurance carrier!

There will be 3000 charter memberships and less than 1000 of those are still available now. The "join for free" button is now active at http://QLx3.com/goldenboyz

While I am not able to discuss most of the information that we
heard on the call, I can tell you this. Those who simply cannot
afford to proceed right away should be aware of the following.

There will be 3 categories of membership in the ICU (Int'l Credit Union)

Category 1 - Charter Members (about 250 positions left)

The first 3000 members will be charter members. This will be
a test group. As such, they will be afforded certain benefits
that will not be available to those who join later. We have discussed
these benefits in previous updates.

Category 2 - Preferred Members

Members 3001 thru 6000 will be preferred members. This second
group will be allowed to participate in the ICU only after it
has been determined that everything is working with a high degree
of accuracy and efficiency. This may take anywhere from 60 to
120 days.

Category 3 - Regular Members

Members 6000 thru 10,000 will comprise the group of regular members.

I will end this update with this advice to the free members -
upgrade your QLx3 position ($49) and secure your charter membership
in XXX ($50) as soon as possible!!! Even if you must be among
the category 3 members you will still be part of the best passive opportunity I have seen yet.

Here is a brief outline on what was covered on the Feb 9th Quantum Leap conference call:

Cindy Bodwin ..one of the owners of QLx3 covered a brief description of the background and history of Quantum Leap. She explained how XXX contacted them to be the internet voice for the group and the Credit Union.
The directing members of XXX owns the Credit Union and the Director of the CU has over 25 years of experience in high end finance. His Bio will be posted online soon to upgraded members. QLx3 has done a background check that he has passed.
The minimum for deposit will be $100 and E-bullion along with wire transfers and other options will be available
In insurance carrier will be writing policies for each depositor of the Credit Union for deposits up to $50K for Charter Members.
Once the CU is in full swing with the 3000 Founding Members ... they will open for a period of time for preferred members and regular members
but the benefits to other member groupa will not be the same.
Earnings for the CU will be in traditional Banking & Finance high end vehicles such as FOREX and 5 other investment vehicles. The Director is very conservative. Funds will not be exposed to high risk and leveraged properly. The interest of 1% compounded per banking day is a conservative figure and not a cap amount. There will be a Board assisting the Director.
KYC rules will be strictly followed making this a structured venture and legal in all domains. You can have your account under your personal name or your entity but standard proof of identification will be needed.
A reminder that the comp plan and future growth of QLx3 is way more than the CU. Over the next few years they plan to add many benefits to Quantum Leap and they expect it to surpass My Space in popularity. The benefits of long-term income is drawing much attention with many community groups.
A reminder that XXX should not be mentioned by name in any open forum. For that reason I've omitted their name from even this update.
If you still have not signed up for QLx3 ... don't wait much longer. Remember ... you can sign-up for free to take a closer look. You'll be surprised at what you see.

To ensure you get access to the exclusive International Credit Union investments which will be offered sometime this quarter, you need to do the following.

1. Sign up for FREE at the Quantum Leap site: SIGN UP FREE NOW!

This places you in a a good position in the QL matrix and, when you upgrade, in line for lots of referral payments from all those beneath you who upgrade.

2. Your free position does NOT entitle you to earn anything or any of the advantages of QL membership, until you UPGRADE your locked in position. This costs a one time upgrade fee of $49 E-Bullion E-currency. When you have your E-Bullion, just click 'Upgrade' in your back office and follow the procedure.

3. Once you are upgraded, you may now join XXX (the top link in your back office) , and be in a position to access the exclusive International Credit Union investments when they are made available in the coming few weeks. Currently the annual fee for this is $50 E-Bullion E-currency. This will increase to $100 at some stage. There are about 2000 in this so far. Charter membership is available to the first 3000 members (there are about 2000 members so far as of 2-28-2007) so hurry. Charter status will provide a number of privileges, including deposit insurance of up to $50K in the CU investments, via an insured carrier.. ($5k for non-Charter members)

4. To remain active in QL and have continuing access to XXX and the CU, there is a monthly fee of $15 E-Bullion, but this will likely come out of your matrix earnings - they keep $15 back to pay this automatically for you. I

5. There is no obligation to recruit anyone, so you can be completely passive. Obviously, those that share it will pick up more commissions, but as QL membership puts you in a forced matrix, there is every chance of overspill, so passives will no doubt pick up some commission this way.

Quantum Leap, and especially the access to 1% daily investments (22%/mo as there are 22 business days/mo) with deposits insured against loss, could be the big winner in 2007.

This is why I decided it was important to get on board at this stage and be in the right position to take maximum advantage of a program that appears to have great potential. I hope you join me and enjoy the ride!

Some very useful background information :

Focuses on privacy/confidentiality issues
(36 minutes)

Focuses on the Quantum Leap program. (51 minutes)

General discussion about the benefits of taking
an active role in QLx3 (18 minutes)

Explanation of the QLx3 comp plan (21 minutes)

Quantum Leap mission statement (8 minutes)

Folks who cannot access these messages online can listen
to a recorded phone presentation at this number....

218-936-1005 - PIN 102991#