Hi, I work full-time from the comfort of my home since year-end 1998. Now I am able to support my family and having the freedom to do as I please without being tied down to a 9 to 5 job. Earning a comfortable income from the internet is easy if you join the right program and have a good sponsor to guide you.

Invest your money with SwissCash, SwissCash Financial Facility . and get an average of 20%/mth returns. Banks pay a paltry 4% or less PER YEAR ! Interest is payable every 30 days -

Months Monthly Interest
1 – 3 10%
4 – 6 15%
7 – 9 20%
10 – 12 25%
13 – 15 30%

You don’t get your principal back at the end of 15 months but by then you would have earned 300% of your investment. Put in $1,000 get back $3,000. You can’t get such income from banks/stock market !

The more you re-invest your earnings, the higher is your total earnings.

With no re-investment, $10,000 will yield $30,000 over 15 months.

Re-invest the 1st 6 months interest will yield $48,975 over 21 months !

Re-invest the 1st 12 months interest will yield $106,560 over 27 months !!

Re-invest all the 15 months interest will yield $166,380 over 30 months !!! This means that you earn $156,380 profit over 30 months or an average of $5,212 per month !!!

This program operates like your online bank account so you only need to login online whenever you need to check your downlines, invest/re-invest, withdraw your interest payouts, etc. You will receive SMS whenever you have transactions e.g. when you signup, when your monthly interest payment is due, when you get eferrals, when your referrals upgrade, etc. All transactions are done using direct wire transfer. You can also transfer/sell your earnings online to other members instead of requesting wire transfer to your bank account.; this is faster and easier to invest or withdraw your earnings vs wire/TT money to SwissCash. Minimum investment or reinvestment is just $100.

Test this program with the minimum $100 and when you are comfortable with it, invest more. As soon as you have invested/re-invested a total of $1,000, you are eligible to earn referral commissions. You can contact me at [email protected] to guide you along after you have signed up.


Earn 10% commission on your referrals investments AND monthly payouts ! Say your referral invests $1,000, you get $100 immediately. 30 days later you will get 10% of his interest payout or $10; all in you will receive $400 from his $1,000 investment or 40% ! To earn commissions, you must have a minimum of $1,000 invested in SwissCash.


You earn group sales bonus on ALL your downlines investments through unlimited levels ! If you and all your downlines refer just one member per month who invest just $1,000, you will earn $11,600 group sales bonus on your 9th month ! This is from each member referring just 1 new member per month ! What if everyone refers 2 or more members per month ? What if everyone invests more than $1,000 ?


You can start with say $800 and in 3 months time, you will have earned $240 interest to invest another $200 to qualify you to earn referral commission. Or you can share an account with say 2 other friends with each coming up with just $300+ capital. Later when you have earned a lot, all of you can sign up your own individual account. Each person can have upto 3 accounts in SwissCash.


This program uses the binary system to place downlines, so you can only have 2 members under you on your level 1, 4 on your level 2, 8 on level 3, etc. This means that the earlier you join, the more SPILLOVER (members sponsored by your uplines but placed under you because of the system) you will get. Don’t forget that those placed under you by your uplines will also help you build your downlines as ALL their signups will fall under YOU as well ! Eventually you could end up with hundreds of downlines without sponsoring a single member !


If you are not willing to take the risk, you can never reap the rewards. I’m sure there are a number of times in the past when you would just dump RM10,000 to buy some hot stocks your friends/colleagues told you is a sure winner. I too have been burnt many times in the past.

This program has been paying for over a year now with hundreds of happy members in Malaysia. Is it not proof enough that this is more secure than the hot tips you get from your friends or colleagues ? Cost just a few hundred Ringgit to test run it. When you see that it runs like clockwork, then invest upto $1,000, promote a bit to your friends, colleagues and others and be ready to earn a HIGH FIVE FIGURE INCOME in 9-12 months ! Promoting your SwissCash business to others is cheap and easy.

Take the first step to financial freedom by signing up NOW -

SwissCash Financial Facility.

One last point is that this is classified as foreign income so it is income tax exempted !

Best regards

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