I am Jimmy Holland, and I represent FriendlyPay.net I spend much of my free time offering my advice and info about FriendlyPay and what it can do to help anyone who deals with web currencies.

This outstanding service has been providing currency exchange and payment options since 2003.

You can readily link your bank acct with FP and use direct transfers to move US and CAN dollars to and from FP.

What makes FP so great is that we offer gold exchange where you can purchase or sell your gold currencies like E-Gold and E-Bullion.
Think about this.

If you live in the US or Canada, you can join FP and add your checking or savings bank info, and your E-gold info. Say you earn $100 from a hyip program and you would like to siphon off $50 of it.

You can do this very easy with FP by using the "deposit money by E-gold" option. A few clicks with your pin and you have that amount of money deposited to your FP acct. From there you simply withdraw it to your bank acct.

Its just as easy to obtain E-gold currency to use in programs that accept it.
This makes the hassle of using 2 or more sites to get your gold to cash much easier, and you do it all from one safe, secure site.

We also exchange other well known currencies such as:
Liberty Reserve
Visit our site and study up on what we offer. Or better yet, reply to my post and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. It cant be any easier to work between cash and gold.